0113 418 2002
Frightfully Good Beers
• Pale Ale •

Light yet still full of flavour, this deceptive pale ale will awaken your inner taste buds and make them scream with joy. Oats make each sip velvety smooth, while the intoxicating scents of citrus peel and passionfruit float through your senses.

• Session IPA •

Fruity, flavoursome and wickedly moreish, this beer is effortlessly drinkable. But don’t let it fool you into letting down your guard. Hordes of hop additions are hiding behind spiced lemon and strawberry, waiting to creep up and shock you.

• IPA •

This shadowy IPA will give you goose bumps. One sip and its unmistakable taste made up of tempting malts, heaped with chewy, resinous hops will mysteriously appear on your taste buds from nowhere. A palatable apparition, Phantom is quite simply a super natural beer.